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Mixing and Master Services

When it comes to mixing and mastering everything should be in the most pofissional and emotional way possible, the mix is responsible for giving life in music, with the separate elements I will have access to all the emotion created.

Thus everything will be improved with the advanced techniques that I use with the analogic equipments. Mastering ultimately has the power to elevate all emotion in a unique and precise way after mix.

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Mastering is the last creative process that music can have, a good master does not mean an exactly change of art and what was created until the moment of master.

A good master is to preserve what was really created by the professional and emotional side, as an engineer I always work along side the producer, whether in mixing or mastering

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Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is the process of mastering multiple stems, each stem being a complete export of a certain instrument group and its relative effects.  

Stem mastering can be interpreted as a combination of both mix and master, one that gives the master engineer more control and processing options.

The big difference of our Stem Master is the participative collaboration of the producer, everything is accompanied by the creator of the work so that the result is incredible

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Track Review

Track review is a unique and specific service. With this service you will get honest and professional feedback on your music, this includes ways to solve mixing problems and special tips so you can have a way and solve any problems with our feedbacks

The results are amazing, you can have a clear and objective path to follow with our tips, the gain for your mix can reach 100% depending on your effort to follow our tips. Importantly, we advise you how to go forward plus any changes must be made by you

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Releases on our Radio exclude all tracks that are finished here at the Studio, this includes Mastering, Stem Master and Mixing and Mastering.

Would you like to have your track on our Radio Show? Send a message on Whatsapp and choose the best combo for you.

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Why us?

Best Equipment

We have the best equipment for your mixing as mastering. You will have the best quality for your songs


Today, we have the best results for your music. we are in the highest positions of beatport reaching the top of the charts in the first position - Top 1 Beatport Mastering


We guarantee that all the work is mixing or just mastering, will have the best quality that the music can achieve. We guarantee that