The talented producer Olaroch is back by Olaroch Recordings with the track “Korg Arp Odyssey CinematicTribute” ” Korg Arp Odyssey Tribute” means a tribute to the world of cinema with the use of a Korg synthesizer that was created in early 1972, this track, comes after a period of innovation about sound synthase. Olaroch is known for loving modulars, synthase, keyboards and semi modulars, all that contain cables and connections so that music is expressed to the fullest! Today he is known with reference in his mixing and master with cutting-edge analog equipment as an engineer at SM Mastering.

The music contains many analog elements with depth, and with quality that makes you realize that the renewal of connections and frequency are the new paths to be followed. The producer, seeks to get out more of the digital virtual world and connect with real music through its analogic system.

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